British and Irish citizens love Spain. In particular, expats and property owners will find this website to be a source of information. Financial Pages in Spain is dedicated to giving you financial information in a clear way. Use of this information service is totally FREE to you. No fees and no charges, no patronising big company attitudes.

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  • UK Pension, 100% cash
  • Explaining terms, expressions and jargon


  • Spanish Mortgages
  • Explaining terms, expressions and jargon
  • Authorised advisers
  • Getting a second opinion

Tax Planning 

  • Furnished holiday lets – UK tax saving
  • Tax avoidance and tax evasion
  • Spain as a tax haven
  • Residency in Spain
  • Offshore planning
  • Spanish Inheritance Tax (ISD)

Foreign Exchange

  • La Torre FX

Lost, forgotten & mislaid accounts 

The Editor/Publisher of Financial Pages in Spain is David Goodall who first bought a house in Spain in 2002. David has many years experience in Financial Services and is well-known for promoting Regulated Financial Advice

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Nothing on these pages should be taken as Financial Advice. The content is unbiased information, based on the writers personal experience both in the UK and Spain. Furthermore, I actively encourage readers to seek regulated and authorised advice. My blog promotes this Professional & Regulated Advice